cesar is committed to a sustainable future. Working in partnership with our clients, we use world leading science, technology and research to provide practical and innovative solutions in agricultural pest control and wildlife conservation.

about cesar
genetic insights

Genetic analyses, advice and services for biodiversity conservation, invasive species management and native species harvesting

sustainable agriculture

Management, research, education, and product development services for sustainable pest control in the agricultural sector

we're hiring!

cesar is looking for an administration star! Along with executive assistance the role will support HR, finance and other general operations. Could this be you or someone you know?

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download the PestFacts Reporter app

Send in pest enquires and identification requests directly from the field with the PestFacts Reporter app available for android and iOS devices.

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spotted a platypus lately?

Despite common misconceptions, platypuses do live in urban waterways. A new community driven website is now capturing local sightings, photos and assisting in platypus conservation!

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cesar now offering chytrid testing

Chytrid is believed to be the cause of widespread global declines of amphibian populations. cesar now offer a competitively priced, reliable and fast processing service to help detect the presence of this amphibian based disease.

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