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building knowledge of insects in pastures of south eastern australia

Project partners: Pasturewise, the University of Melbourne, Ag-Research NZ

Funding body: Dairy Australia

Working with our project partners we are assessing the distribution of key pasture pests in south-eastern dairy regions.  

The project began with a producer survey that gauged how often producers are re-sowing pasture due to damage from pests, and how often they observe certain pests. Pasturewise is also conducting autumn and spring field surveys across south eastern Australia to determine the distribution and abundance of pasture pests (and beneficials) in major dairy regions. These samples are sent to us for identification.

The project is also assessing the cost of pasture pest related damage to the dairy industry – this is being done through expert elicitation sessions and economic analysis by the University of Melbourne. During expert elicitation sessions we invite advisors to join us to assess abundances of pests they have observed and the damage those pests cause.

An industry capacity building component is undertaken throughout the project – interested industry members can join Pasturewise on pest surveys, or you can attend one of our pasture pest insect identification masterclasses run throughout the year.

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