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genetic rescue of the victorian eastern-barred bandicoot

Project partners: The University of Melbourne, La Trobe University, The University of New South Wales, and Mount Buller and Mount Stirling Alpine Resort Management, Mount Rothwell Conservation Park

Funding body: Various (including individual donations through crowd funding)

It takes a phenomenal effort to bring a species back from the brink of extinction. But how do we make sure these populations survive, long into the future? cesar is part of a team that has previously used ‘genetic rescue’ to help save the Mt Buller mountain pygmy possum and in 2018 we were involved in a crowd funding campaign to undertake more genetic rescue work, this time for the Victorian eastern barred bandicoot. We raised over $15,000 to bring a group of healthy male bandicoots from Tasmania to give the Victorian population a genetic boost.

Over 2019 we will monitor changes in fitness amoung remaining Victorian eastern barred bandicoots following introduction of Tasmanian males to the population at the Mt Rothwell Conservation Park. We would love to share our conservation experiences with you, so stay tuned for an invitation to visit Mt Rothwell for a talk and evening bandicoot walk with cesar Director, Dr Andrew Weeks. 

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