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russian wheat aphid risk assessment and regional thresholds

Project partners: South Australian Research and Development Institute

Funding body: the Grains Research and Development Corporation

Russian wheat aphid (RWA) is now a management concern for grain growers in regions where it has been found (South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, and Tasmania) and poses a risk for currently unaffected regions. Limited research under local agro-climatic conditions and farming systems currently exists. Through this project we will:

  • Investigate the relationship between aphid numbers, plant symptoms and yield loss across regions
  • Assess the effects of seed treatments and insecticide sprays on aphid numbers
  • Develop regional economic thresholds
  • Monitor for RWA populations on summer hosts, such as grasses and volunteer cereals
  • Assess the role of local climate and land use in supporting RWA populations over summer
  • Develop models to predict aphid growth over this period.

View the project flyer and keep up to date with project progress at the RWA Portal.

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