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the great australian platypus search

Project partners: San Diego Zoo Global, the University of Melbourne

Funding body: San Diego Zoo Global

This large-scale platypus survey will help us better understand the conservation status of this species around the country and identify key threats to local populations, and help waterway/land managers to protect platypuses. This project will also allow us to use an exciting new technology, environmental DNA, to investigate the presence of platypuses and determine their current distribution. This survey complements and extends long-term population monitoring conducted by cesar and supported by Melbourne Water and the Wimmera CMA.

We also have a series of smaller, regional citizen science-based projects running in conjunction with GAPS that will generate more detailed information on platypus in their area, but also contributing to GAPS. These are currently running in the Upper Barwon and Upper Campaspe regions. Want to become involved? Check out platypusSPOT. (Follow platypusSPOT on Facebook and Twitter for updates and results.) 

For further information or if your region is interested in running a regional platypus surveillance project email Josh Griffiths at


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Project updates

Spring 2018 update

Project updates

Read about our spring 2018 project results.

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