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captive management

cesar provide genetic services and advice on captive breeding to help ensure successful reintroduction of high quality animals into the wild. Our Genetic Insights team are internationally recognised in population and conservation genetics. We have an extensive record of research and publishing.

Genetic services for established breeding programs

For established breeding programs we have a comprehensive range of genetic services to help you optimise your captive breeding strategy and proactively manage issues related to loss of fitness and genetic diversity.

  • DNA markers for assessing genetic diversity: we use DNA markers to assess the genetic health of wildlife in your breeding program and advise actions to increase diversity
  • Effective population size: with the latest molecular technologies we can measure the effective population size and pin point how many breeding individuals are present. We can advise on whether this number is adequate
  • Analysis of relatedness amongst captive individuals: we can generate accurate pedigree data. Our analysis will reveal relatedness of individuals and help guide future breeding decisions.
  • Parentage analyses: where matings are undertaken in groups, or one or both parents are unknown, we can determine the maternal and paternal individuals for progeny.
  • Founder estimation: we can assess the contribution of founder individuals to the breeding program and compare the genetic diversity to wild populations to guide future management.
  • Reducing adaptation to captivity/wild hardening: we can generate management strategies that minimise adaptation to captive breeding to help ensure successful reintroduction of captive reared individuals into wild populations.

cesar can provide a genetic assessment of your captive breeding program. We can develop a long term management and breeding plan for the successful reintroduction of fit and genetically resilient animals into the wild.

For further enquires, please contact cesar on +61 3 93494723 or via email