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A quiet start for Russian wheat aphid

Russian wheat aphid has been relatively absent during establishment this season.


Russian wheat aphid nymph (Source: cesar).


Last issue we discussed how dry conditions in late summer/autumn have limited the potential for production of weeds and volunteers that would have otherwise encouraged the growth of aphids.  We theorise that this holds true for Russian wheat aphid (RWA, Diuraphis noxia), which overall, has not been an issue in establishing cereals this season.

With aphid population development expected to slow during, we don’t expect aphid activity will increase in the immediate future. Generally, aphid populations start to increase with the onset of spring, so watch this space for updates.


Field observations

Adam Dellwo – Elders (Riverina NSW)

Rebecca Hamdorf – SARDI (South Australia)

Duncan Thomas – Landmark (Northern Country VIC)

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